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Green Tea for Acne Treatment: Benefits, Uses, Forms

Can Green Tea be used for Acne treatment? Epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG), a substance abundant in green tea, has been found in studies to help with acne and greasy skin. During 60 days of subjects utilizing green tea extract on their skin, both trials revealed some oil decrease. An earlier study from 2012 showed that using green tea extract topically may aid in treating a variety of skin issues, including acne.

The truth about how green tea helps avoid those bothersome spots that so many of us have to deal with on a daily basis will be revealed in this article. Imagine if those pesky zits could be eliminated by merely sipping tea. They seem to cause so much self-consciousness and suffering. Now let’s find out how the acne treatment truly functions. So settle in, take a cup of the green stuff, and get comfy. If you don’t already have any green stuff, you will definitely want some after reading this.

Reasons for acne

Spots, pimples, and cysts are common among acne sufferers, and they often appear on the chest, back, and upper arms. Acne may be uncomfortable, and unpleasant, and can lower self-esteem.

While treating acne, it’s important to consider its underlying causes. These primary factors include hormones, insulin resistance, and, you guessed it, chocolate. I apologize, but chocolate is not intended to be helpful. Acne can also result from inflammation.

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Because of the damaging effects that sex hormones may have on your skin, acne often appears in adolescence. Don’t worry though; research suggests that green teas may aid to maintain hormone balance. This is possible due to a sex hormone-binding globule found in tea, which drastically lowers the levels of a certain class of hormones known as bioactive hormones. The sebaceous gland is known to be impacted by a hormone known as dihydrotestosterone (DHT). An oily fluid known as sebum is produced by this gland.

Too little sebum results in dry, itchy skin, while too much causes acne. In essence, DHT makes the skin greasier by increasing sebum production, which in turn causes acne. DHT levels in acne sufferers are frequently high, which accounts for their oily skin. Acne prevention benefits of green tea include lowering these problematically high DHT levels.

To summarize. Our skin will get clearer as we work to regulate these bothersome hormones.

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Insulin, Blood Sugar, and Weight Loss

Did you know that acne is facilitated by excessive blood sugar? It’s true, though. This explains why it is a prevalent belief that chocolate and spots go together. The stabilization of your insulin levels should be a top concern if you want to maintain your skin as clean and healthy as possible. Regular green tea consumption has been demonstrated to have a favorable impact on insulin and may even help avoid type 2 diabetes.

Moreover, green tea has been shown to assist speed up the body’s fat-burning process and really increase metabolism to help you lose weight. Why does this matter? In other words, obesity is the main factor contributing to excessive blood sugar levels. So, maintaining a healthy weight requires avoiding bad meals and, of course, drinking green formulas.

Consequently, to maintain good skin, check your diet. Empty carbohydrates, chocolate, and sweets won’t help, but drinking green tea, which lowers blood sugar levels and promotes weight reduction, could.

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Systemic inflammation is typically more severe in acne sufferers. As a result of the inflammatory reaction overreacting, the acne appears red and bloated. Several people claim that green tea reduced inflammation. According to epidemiological studies, persons who regularly consume a lot of green tea experience less inflammatory damage than those who don’t. When trying to treat those irate red areas, this is quite promising and may even be ground-breaking.


Now, let’s get back to those amazing antioxidants! Catechins, which are antioxidants found in green tea, help combat free radicals in our body and maintain our health. Here’s an intriguing fact: Vitamins, particularly vitamins C and E, keep us healthy, as we all know. As children, we were taught that eating your fruits and veggies will keep the doctor away.

Antioxidants found in tea have been shown to be more than 25 times more effective than other antioxidants in protecting our health. You have a winning combination to combat poor health and acne when you add theanine, an amino acid contained in green tea that also boosts your immune system.

So the next time you have a virus, think of the green tea acne remedy rather than grabbing for an apple or an orange.

Green Tea vs Benzoyl Peroxide

Topical use of green tea can be just as effective as the usually recommended cream, which contains benzoyl peroxide. This is astonishing given that benzoyl peroxide is typically a doctor’s first choice for treating acne and reducing redness. Also, unlike benzoyl peroxide, which can quickly dry up the skin and cause significant irritation, green tea has no unpleasant side effects. Undoubtedly, the green potion acne treatment has fewer adverse effects than those chemical-based lotions, making it an excellent alternative. Why not use something more natural and strong like green tea on your skin instead of applying a chemical agent?

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Strategies for Treating Acne

1. Every day, brew a lot of fresh green tea. The recommended daily amount is three to six cups, but it’s important to remember to drink frequently rather than just sometimes. Although switching from black and white teas to green tea might be challenging, persevere and make the switch to enjoy the rewards.

2. Indulge in a green tea (hulk) face mask. Just reduce your green tea to powder by grinding it. If you have green tea in bags, cut a bag open using scissors, or if it’s in capsules, split the capsule apart to release the tea. Create a paste out of your powder by adding tea tree oil now. Put the green tea concoction on your face, and then wait for around 20 minutes. Avoid getting the face mask in your eyes, and wash it off completely with warm water afterward.

3. This approach is really straightforward and is my favorite. After brewing your green tea, dab the tea bag on the acne-affected region or leave it there for a little while. Let the green tea bag cool before using this technique to prevent burning your skin. Don’t forget to rinse the green tea off your skin afterward with warm water.

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Hence, green tea can be used to treat and prevent acne by lowering levels of toxic hormones, reducing inflammation and redness, stabilizing insulin and blood sugar levels, and reducing inflammation and redness. Regardless of how severe the acne is, the green stuff may be really beneficial.

Three to six cups of tea each day, together with a healthy lifestyle (a solid diet and exercise program), will significantly improve your skin and general health if you’re serious about improving your skin as well as your overall health. Don’t forget to talk to your doctor before applying.

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