important steps for selling a home with pets

Important Steps You Must Know for Selling A Home With Pets

What are some of the important steps for selling a home with pets? I’m sorry to say that, but you would ultimately learn it if you were selling your house. You could already be quite aware of this. It doesn’t matter if your dog or cat is a family member if you have several pets, especially if you have both. You probably just lost a deal if potential buyers enter your home and immediately detect cat pee coming from the litter box or notice clumps of dog fur on the carpet and furnishings.

What can you do if you can’t leave the property first and repair the damage so that it can be sold? You’re about to have an adventure. This article will give an overview on the Important steps for selling a home with pets. Keep reading.

Have someone impartial go to your home before you begin showing it. Judy Morgan regrets not doing that. With 10 dogs and 4 cats, Morgan is a veterinarian at Clayton Veterinary Associates in Pilesgrove, New Jersey.

Important steps for selling a home with pets

Recently, Morgan and her husband sold their house and had the good fortune to be able to leave with their dogs first. She claims that even then, there was pet damage that needed to be fixed.

“My recommendation to pet owners is to have someone unconnected walk through the house and check for anything a potential buyer would point out,” says Morgan. This includes aromas, kitty litter in unexpected places, markings on walls, furniture, and doors, peeling laminate, and bowed moldings. “When you deal with something on a daily basis, you stop seeing tiny or even major issues.”

Morgan claims interested parties took note.

The thrill that comes with a newly listed property was lost when we went back and made renovations too late, according to Morgan. “We ultimately had the basement completely cleaned and painted, including the walls and flooring in both the finished and unfinished areas.”

Clean up your act thoroughly. According to Alexandra Axsen, owner and managing broker at Lake Okanagan Realty Ltd. in Kelowna, British Columbia, it is precisely what you don’t want to hear, but it must be done continually while you’re showing your house to buyers, especially with dogs present.

“The easiest way to air out your home before showings are to spray an air freshener and open windows. If at all feasible, change the litter boxes and keep them outside during showings. eliminate pet hairs, “Says Axsen.

Home stager Tori Toth is also a contributor to U.S. News and the author of “Feel at Home: Home Staging Secrets For a Quick and Easy Sell.” Toth, who owns two dogs, two cats, a bird, and other pets, has some recommendations for pet cleaning items that you might want to buy. These suggestions might help you with some of your cleaning challenges. If you intend to purchase any of them, do your research before you buy. Toth is not being paid to promote any of these goods.

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Aware of the litter box.

Since people are forgetful and you can’t afford to forget to scoop cat litter when you’re exhibiting your property, Toth advises thinking about an automated litter box.

Find a solution to the odor problem.

Toth recommends the Fresh Wave Odor Neutralizing Super Gel product. Toth claims that you only need to open the lid for the oils to work and eliminate unpleasant scents.

Each day, vacuum.

The Dyson DC25 Animal Vacuum is suggested by Toth. You should clean the furniture because “you never know when a buyer may swing by,” she adds, calling it “wonderful.”

Pets: Brush them.

The FURminator product range appeals to Toth. It gets rid of your pet’s undercoat and can cut down on shedding by 90%, according to her.

Keep the nails on your dogs clipped.

To prevent scratches on your hardwood floor, carpet, or furniture, you should keep their nails short, advises Toth.

It would be ideal if you could take your dogs outside during performances. If you have a lot of showings coming up soon, you might want to kennel your animals or board them with a friend or family.

“Even if you crate your dog for showings, it is impossible to properly look at a property if your dog is barking the entire time,” adds Axsen. “This is what they will do if strangers are in your home and you are not there.”

Teri Andrews-Murch agrees that a crated dog makes life difficult because of the barking. Buyers simply can’t unwind in the house, she claims.

She does, however, mention that crate training or confining cats to a tiny, closed area can occasionally be effective.

Discuss your pets with your real estate agent. This is crucial for both your house and your pets. Everything will be better off the more the experts are aware. For instance, according to Andrews-Murch, the agent has to be informed if there are cats roaming the house during a viewing (and you don’t want them to go outdoors).

However, it operates both ways. The agent will know what not to let inside the home if they are aware of the pet problem.

Final thought

A few years back, an agent brought a stunning high-end property to Axsen’s attention.

“The owner’s dog was pleading to enter the home at the conclusion of the viewing. The real estate agent let the dog inside before locking it up and leaving. The owners of the house were absent for a week, and it turned out to be a stray dog “Says Axsen. The dog utterly trashed the house while it was locked up for a week, causing over $100,000 in damage.

No, this is not a rumor (it just sounds like it). According to Axsen, it also happened to a real estate agent she worked with at a different firm. She is unsure of what transpired in the aftermath.

According to Axsen, “I am assuming the homeowner’s insurance would have kicked in for part of the damage.” “I don’t know if the agent ultimately paid out of pocket. He is a nice man, and he was quite hurt and ashamed by what happened. It was just one of those unavoidable mishaps and errors.”

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