how to make website attractive and professional Guide to Building an Effective Website Yourself

4 Steps Guide to Building An Effective Website Yourself

Let’s learn how to create a website for business. We will share a guide to building an effective website yourself. Close this page if you’re seeking “Get-Rich-Quick.” You’ve arrived at the incorrect location. That is, by definition, impossible. You’ll need a Webmaster and programmers if you want to start a large internet business. This will give you an idea of how can you make a web page effective and informative.

Read on if you’re ready to put in the effort to create a true small business with long-term worth and earnings. You’ve arrived at the correct location, the only place where the typical small business owner can develop a successful internet business to learn how to make a successful website and earn money with what makes a good website checklist.

We all have various motivations for starting an internet business.

It depends on who you are, from a complete “newbie” to seasoned marketing pro.

It all depends on your goals in life and business…

  • Do you want to be free and self-sufficient?
  • Revenues from an established firm have increased.
  • Do you want to grow and be independent?
  • Embracing life with zeal.
  • Appreciation and encouragement?
  • A sense of belonging and community.
  • Do you have the necessary abilities and control?
  • More money and leisure for the family.

Whatever your motivation, you undoubtedly want to achieve. However, the harsh reality is that just a few people have or understand what it takes. Either your website makes the sale or it doesn’t. Ninety-nine sites out of a hundred still haven’t received the order.

We attribute this to wary, frightened Internet users.


Whatever you have to offer on the internet, your site must SELL! Are you in the business of selling digital items such as software, video games, or information products? Do you sell Eskimos freezers (to keep the ice you supplied them) or other hard goods?

Do you have a business that sells dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of items?

Do you think it’s impossible to sell hamburgers on the internet? Why not utilize your website to get people to sign up for digital discount coupons for your monthly special? Simply print one off and show it to the restaurant closest to you!

Perhaps you’d want to increase your regional sales into a global market? Alternatively, do you wish to create leads for your OEM company? Are you thinking about launching an online profit center to use your current physical store’s infrastructure (1-800 number, warehouse, goods, database, etc.)? It’s a no-brainer… if done correctly!

Or, until recently, has to have your own commercial Web site been a pipe dream? Everyone, after all, is an expert on something!


Think! Think about that for a moment. Are you able to help…

  •  top-of-the-line consulting services in your field of expertise?
  • unique vacation offerings, such as Andean bike tours?
  • one-of-a-kind info-products based on your profession or hobbies knowledge?
  • Are you referring to a multinational corporation? Do you have an idea for a business?

It makes no difference. The simple line is that you have the ability to sell our website.

Many individuals go even further and purchase resale rights products, books, and other items.

These are not incorrect in and of themselves, since I have written several myself. However, if you do not grasp the fundamentals of internet business, you will fail and lose your hard-earned money.

But first, let’s go through the issues that my niece was experiencing. She stated a lot of things, but here’s a quick rundown.

  1. There is no traffic
  2. There are no sales.
  3. Irrelevance of domain names

Everything we construct in life, including websites for business, should be built on a solid basis. Here’s the foundation of our situation…


Content Traffic Presell Monetize

Step 1: Recognize the distinction between “PREselling” and “Selling.”

Content -Traffic – PREsell – Monetize.

What’s the big deal? What happened to the magic?

There isn’t any magic. It’s all about your “pre-customer,” the hundreds of millions of individuals who use the Internet on a daily basis…

People use the Internet to look for information. They look for reliable, high-value information or answers, anything that will help them realize a dream or address an issue they’re having.

The key to success on the internet is to change your thinking. This entails substituting… for the well-known offline technique of “location, location, location.”

“Information, information, information.”

Nobody just happens to pass by, notice your company, and visit your website in the internet world. Internet users aren’t seeking you or your company. People look for answers and knowledge. After all, they wouldn’t be looking for you if they knew you existed. They’d already be paying consumers.

To succeed and earn online, you must generate your own traffic. As a result, long before you make your first sale or suggestion to a client (and sometimes before that person even realizes he or she is shopping! ), your primary goal should be to give the information (i.e., content) that people are looking for in a way that Search Engines like. To put it another way…

Give them what they’re looking for.

The information on a theme-based content site is organized around a central theme. Each page focuses on a specific aspect of the overall theme. The content of your site is the total of all the material on all of your pages.

“Keyword-Focused Content Pages” are the name for these specialized “topical pages.” They have a high search engine ranking and receive a lot of focused traffic.

Visitors are “warmed up” (i.e., PREsold) by the high-value content, which OVERdelivers what they came for… knowledge.

Visitors begin to respect and like you (based on what you write about on your site). Your content-rich website establishes credibility and trust… “PREselling!” The visitor grows to appreciate and respect you since you are an expert in your field.

This trust inspires an open-to-buy or open-to-hire attitude. Affiliate links, order pages, contact forms, Google advertisements, your own store, eBay auctions, and any other means to monetize are now only a click away!

This tried-and-true method yields results…


It’s effective. Regardless of how you want to make money…

  • merchant-partner websites for whom you act as an associate
  • a page on your website where a customer may purchase your own items (hard or digital goods)

Add a contact form for visitors to fill out if they want to learn more about your professional services or Network marketing business opportunity.

Create an online store of your own

  • a website that, in exchange for a referral fee, sells a related, non-competitive service or product.
  • your existing sales website (become your own best affiliate!)
  • a Google AdSense advertisement
  • any combination of the foregoing, as well as others!

PREsold visitors turn into paying customers more quickly and frequently, which is exactly what your online business wants and needs to thrive. A “Theme-Based Content Site’s” winning edge is this.

In contrast, a visitor to a sales site will find no exciting, useful editorial material. Selling is nothing more than attempting to make a sale. If you don’t have a brand (which most of us don’t), and you haven’t developed a relationship with your visitor, your odds of selling are little to none.

Why? So, who do you think you’d reply to? Is it a sales pitch from a stranger or a referral from a competent friend or expert? Become that well-informed friend or expert.

Your visitor will think of you as a “friend/expert” rather than a stranger if you have great content. And if you build a genuinely information-rich site, you’ll establish yourself as a trustworthy expert who can share your knowledge. You essentially establish your own brand… your “one-of-a-kind” brand.

People are more likely to “purchase” from people they know and like. Everyone else’s sales attempts are met with resistance.

And it’s for this reason that 99 percent of small businesses fail to succeed online.

Your website’s primary goal is not to sell products. (In fact, you could opt not to sell anything and instead work as an “infopreneur!”) Your top aim is to PREsell by providing the information that visitors are looking for.

Later, you’ll “monetize” (i.e., turn visits into cash).

Step 2: Put the “PREselling Reality” into action.

The fact of PREselling, as previously said, is that it works… IF YOU WORK IT! Thousands of regular, everyday businesspeople have already done so.

The fact is that you have significantly more control over your online business than you have in the perilous outside world.

What about increasing traffic and achieving top rankings in search engines? Do you believe that only experts (also known as “SEOers”) are capable of doing so? No, you have a significant edge.

The goal of search engines is to provide relevant and high-quality results.

There’s no need for good fortune. There’s no need to be an SEO specialist. Simply follow the C – T – P – M procedure and have faith in it.

You will reach your visitors using the Search Engines (SEs). On a search engine’s results pages, most browsers won’t scroll past the first 10-20 entries. That’s where you’ll find yourself.

Second, your website’s description must be both fascinating and believable. As a result, you’ll “get the click.”

Consider how clever a visitor feels when he or she discovers you using a search engine like Google (or Yahoo! Search or Windows Live). After all, s/he tracked you down. You didn’t advertise (but you can sell advertising once you get enough visitors!). All that’s left for you to do now is OVERdeliver — PREsell!

You’ll know that success is DO-able once you understand the logic and power of C – T – P – M. It is, in fact, “yours to have.” If you don’t succeed right away, try again until you find the correct strategy.

You only fail if you give up. Patience and perseverance win out in the end. To paraphrase Calvin Coolidge…

Persistence pays off. Keep pushing… the company you create will gain momentum on its own. If you put in the BAM (“Brain and Motivation”), the time, and the perseverance necessary to grow anything worthwhile, it will achieve all of your goals.

In conclusion…

You know what C – T – P – M stands for. More significantly, you are prepared to commit (and “invest” is the appropriate phrase!) time to developing C – T – P before monetizing. Once you’ve done that, the easiest (and most enjoyable!) aspect of your web company is converting PREsold traffic into cash.

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Step 3: Make Money! Conversion Rate and Profits should be maximized.

It’s simpler to monetize PREsold visits than it is to jump off the metaphorical cliff. DAY 4 looks at the various methods you may make money. At that moment, we’ll talk about this subject.

For the time being, the most important factor to remember is that you are not your monetization model. Do not consider “affiliate marketing” or “selling an e-good.” In fact, don’t make a decision on a single monetization approach.

You’re in the “Content Delivery Business” first and foremost. Then you make money.

Also, broaden your horizons. Have numerous reliable sources of income. As an example…

Google AdSense advertising and affiliate links may appear on one of your pages. To sell physical products, you might want to add an e-commerce site. You also use ClickBank to sell e-books.

Do not push your visitors in any way, regardless of how you monetize. Instead of stopping them in their tracks, let the content lure them through to your revenue-generating destinations.

For example, this may be a link to your product or service’s sales page, your merchant site, your partner’s, or a click on a Google AdSense ad.

Instead of forcing them to click, make them want to. It makes all the difference if your visitors believe that delivering your “Most Wanted Response” is their idea (“MWR”).

The only limit to profiting once you have PREsold traffic is your creativity!

So let’s not be concerned about it right now. Let us instead discuss the larger idea of profit…

To maximize profit, there is a simple business calculation to follow. Whether you work online or offline, the calculation is the same…


True, it’s not a difficult equation! People, on the other hand, have a tendency to forget about it.

You will have more money staying with your business if you can raise the amount of money flowing into your business while decreasing the amount of money leaving your firm.

So let’s start by increasing the first portion of the profit equation in your favor (and your bank accounts!)…


There are two primary methods for increasing revenue (i.e., the amount of money you earn from your products, services, and/or other monetization initiatives). You’ve got to…

1) Increase the number of visitors that are exposed to your monetization strategies to apply how to create a website for business.

This implies you’ll need to attract more focused traffic to your website, people who are explicitly interested in your theme and similar issues. The fundamental aspect that determines traffic volume and your capacity to expand and maintain it is high-value content. And now for the good part…

You will have large, ever-growing traffic if you get the keywords “correct” on your website and have outstanding content! And now for the good news…

Let’s get this party started by creating a website for your business for free.

* It’s all about “location, location, location” offline. You locate your company where people congregate. Pedestrian traffic!


* Millions of people search the internet for “information, information, information.” They do it, though, on their own. The term “passerby traffic” does not exist.

If you grasp that the M is the easiest portion of C – T – P – M, you are truly prepared. In the case of C…

To be successful online on how to make a good website for free, you must begin with your “pre-customers”…

People are on the lookout for knowledge and answers. They’re not on the lookout for you on how to build a website from scratch. Convert your expertise into high-quality, in-demand CONTENT to give customers what they want.

Before you can do so, you must first determine…

  • what they’re looking for
  • how frequently they look for it
  • how much they desire it
  • what services do rivals currently provide and how do they deliver them
  • What kind of content will you offer, and how will you distribute it?

The next step is to choose the finest Site Concept.

The remainder of your business is dependent on the Site Concept you select.

Let’s discuss the site’s premise for a moment.

Here’s how you’ll get at your Best Site Concept:

1) Make a list of possible Site Concepts and select your top three.

* Everyone is knowledgeable about something.

* What are the three site concepts? What is the significance of three?

* Conduct a quick search.

2) Conduct site concept research using resources such as and the Google AdWords research tool (s). For each of your top three site concepts, conduct keyword research. I propose using keywordresearchlab dot com/ to better organize and research your keywords.

3) For each Site Concept, evaluate the following elements…

  • The total number of keywords
  • Financial viability
  • Expertise
  • Dedication
  • “Sexiness” as a theme
  • Potential for Profit

What is the definition of a site concept?

It is the fundamental theme, the specialty, on which all of your site’s content will be built (hence the term “Theme-Based Content Site”). Every page you publish should be about a subject relevant to your Site Concept. Each of those thematic pages is devoted to a single keyword, which is why I refer to them as “Keyword-Focused Content Pages” (“KFCPs”).

Now it’s time to come up with a Site Concept… a theme… a niche that you CAN handle.

In any field, there is plenty of potential for several websites. When you come across the competition, don’t be concerned. You have a significant edge, as 99 percent of small company websites fail, even the most beautiful ones that cost $20,000 to construct! So…

What Is the Best Way to Recognize Your Best Site Concept?

What’s the bottom line when it comes to deciding on a site concept?

Building a low-potential business takes just as much time as building a high-potential one. So put in the effort now to get the Site Concept correct, and you’ll reap the benefits later on, making significantly more money per hour invested.

The Strategy… How to Create the Best Site Concept

The majority of individuals fail in business because they do not plan properly. You’ll obtain the wrong outcomes if you choose the wrong idea for your site and design the improper themes for your Web pages…

There will be no money if there is no traffic.

This is not going to happen to you. So start working on your Best Site Concept Plan now… Step 1: Make a list of possible Site Concepts and pick your top three.

As ideas for good “Site Concepts” come to you, jot them down and develop a lengthy list. What are the things you’re familiar with and enjoy? What have you gained from your “on-the-job” experience? Keep your antennas open for new ideas when you read the daily newspaper, watch a discussion program on TV, interact with friends/colleagues, or explore a bookstore.

Consider this: you may be so knowledgeable about something that you overlook it.

Everyone is knowledgeable about something.

What’s going on right beneath your nose?

Make Use of Common Sense

What does it mean to be “too broad?” It’s any concept in which the market is excessively large. “Travel,” for example, was an extreme case. The term “Italy” is far too wide. Instead, select “Sicily” (if you know it.) And the term “New York” is just too wide. Try “Tribeca” instead… or “New York Pizzas” instead (if you like them!).

The reverse is “too n-.” Caltanissetta, a Sicilian city, just does not attract enough visitors. Sicily is “perfect.”

“However, if I’m just starting out, how can I tell if it’s too n- or too broad?”

That’s an excellent question! Of course, use your common sense and expertise in each specialty. There’s also one nice approach that can assist!

So, what are the most important variables and the rules that govern them?

1. Keywords

It’s preferable to have a site concept that delivers more keywords. It enables you to produce more content. So, if everything else is equal, go with the Site Concept with 300 trimmed keywords over the one with only 100 “making the cut.”

2. Profitability in General

The higher the Demand, the lower the Supply, and the higher the Profitability (Value Demand/Real Supply ratio), the better. This is not an absolute, but rather a suggestion. Make an informed decision.

Compare and contrast the total profitability of different site concepts. How many keywords are consistently profitable? (Remember, the Profitability metrics are helpful, but you should make final judgments based on your own assessment.)

3. Expertise

Consider each term as a potential Web page topic (that is what it will become). Do you have any ideas for what you could write in response to those words? Obviously, choose the Site Concept that you are most familiar with.

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4. Dedication

What’s more, which Site Concept piques your interest the most? If the prospect of creating a website about it excites you more, choose a less lucrative Site Concept! Creating intriguing Web pages on the topic area and conducting the required research to keep current will be enjoyable. It isn’t labor if it is enjoyable.

5. “Sexiness” as a theme

It’s not only your enthusiasm that matters. Some site concepts are more likely to pique visitors’ interest. Trust your instincts about which attractions will thrill tourists the most. With a fun, engaging concept, it’s simple to PREsell your way to a powerful “Brand Of One.”

6. Monetization Prospects

Look for a website concept that allows you to generate various revenue sources. If there is no M potential, C T P is pointless!

You must be able to monetize the traffic you have already sold. And the more options there are, the better. How many of the following could you (ultimately) implement on each Site Concept, and how much money could you make?

  • Represent the products/services of non-competing online companies that are connected (i.e., affiliate income).
  • Create a pay-per-click, pay-per-lead, pay-per-sale, or pay-per-month partnership with an offline firm to deliver them to consumers.
  • Offer your hard copy or e-book for sale.
  • Make money by putting advertisements on your site, such as Google AdSense, or selling ads directly. (Wait, what? Advertisers will contact you as your site expands.)
  • Make money by selling your services (ex., develop clients for your copywriting or java-programming business).
  • You may use it to supplement or expand your local offline company.
  • Increase the number of bids on your eBay auctions.
  • Generate warm leads for your multilevel marketing (MLM) business.
  • Rent everything from heavy machinery to movie extras to your own Cayman Island property.
  • Traffic — drive traffic to your own e-commerce site (for example, your Yahoo! shop).

Get a nice domain name and finish your site concept.

When visitors read exceptional material, they know it. At multiple levels, winning, PREselling material “works”

  1. It has a voice and flare that says, “I’ve been there… done that.”
  2. It possesses special “zing knowledge” derived from real-life experience.
  3. It is backed up by a wealth of helpful data. This is when having solid reference material comes in handy.
  4. It is constant from page to page, issue to issue of the e-zine, week to week, month to month, and year to year.
  5. It is, without a doubt, for the benefit of the customer.

Step 4 – Are you ready? That domain needs a name!

A great domain name…

  • is a short and sharp phrase
  • has meaning and sends a clear message
  • is a simple word to spell
  • It is simple to recall
  • it’s one-of-a-kind, descriptive, and “you”
  • is solid, classic, and not gimmicky.

Your VPP for human visitors is contained in this field.

For crawler visitors, * includes your Site Concept keyword.

Humans find it appealing (ex., “cayman-island-beaches dot com” “cayman island” is there for the engines and “beaches” is there for humans) has a “dot com,” “dot net,” or “dot org” at the end (by far, the best regarded by surfers).

When is it OK to use dashes in your domain name?

If both variants of a three- or more-word domain are available, add dashes to make the word breaks more visible. A dash is also treated as a space by most engines. As a result, it’s possible that the full string will be “seen” as independent words.

If your domain name is merely two words long, dashes are less crucial. Notice how and don’t need the use of a dash?

If the non-dash form of the domain is already in use, use dashes (even if the domain is simply two words). However, be certain that you are not infringing on anyone’s trademark (details on this below).

Note: If your organization is 99 percent or more online, dealing with dashes offline isn’t as crucial (i.e., telling people how to spell it, people forgetting to put the dash after reading your print ad, etc.).

The bottom line is this…

Because domain names are so inexpensive, it’s a good idea to get both variants (with and without the dash) to ensure that no one else registers a name that may be mistaken for yours. You may always link another domain to the primary one.

Branding and Offline vs. Online

If you already have a physical firm, it may be more necessary to utilize that name as your domain name rather than create a new one. You may, on the other hand, name the site after your VPP and utilize a domain redirector in your hosting to park and redirect your company name to your site. This is especially effective when used in conjunction with business cards and other types of offline, local marketing.

You should get incredibly creative and come up with a one-word domain name if you want to brand your site. For instance, if you wanted to brand a credit card website, you might use the names “creditopia dot com” or “crediteria dot com” (both of which are already used!). It’s simple to remember, and it comes with a VPP (“credit utopia” or “credit cafeteria”).

You may also find a domain name by just adding a letter or two to your site concept term as a prefix or suffix (ex., call card dot com).

You’ll have to be more inventive to come up with a short domain name that’s still accessible, but investing a little more effort now might pay off handsomely afterward.

Why do so many people fail?

Why did the majority of individuals fail? I believe the reason behind this is that most individuals find the entire process of having an internet business to be just too difficult. There are several ways to go wrong. It pained me to visit some of those sites and immediately notice a dozen glaring errors – blogs that didn’t enable permalinks, cutesy headlines with no keywords, poor topic selection, page titles that still used the WordPress default format, hideously suboptimal ad layouts, hidden or missing contact information, and so on.

Any one of these blunders might wreak havoc on a website’s rankings. It’s almost as if having more than one is a death sentence. Both human visitors and search engines are harmed by such errors.

At the same time, youngsters were humming along just fine, earning four figures per month after working on their sites for six to twelve months. They didn’t always get it right, but they were Internet smart enough to catch the major issues early.

What disturbed me the most about this was how often individuals failed as a result of technology. Many of them had excellent ideas and material. It was a pity to read some of their posts and think, “This is fantastic stuff… so bad no one will ever see it.”

The harsh and unjust aspect of internet business is that if you aren’t extremely Internet savvy, you will make technical faults that you will be completely unaware of. You could nail the content, but the technology will catch up to you and stifle your results.

Even so, it’s an inequitable condition. There are people who can create wonderful material and deserve to have a lot of readers, but they’re doomed from the start because they don’t grasp permalinks, RSS feeds, pinging, or other technology.

Final thought

A one-stop-shop for starting and growing an internet business. You pay an annual subscription for the service, and they provide you with all the tools you need to create a profitable website. They host your site for you, assist you with domain registration, and give integrated features like point-and-click page generators, built-in blogging, form builders, RSS feeds, and more. Many of these aspects will be taken care of for you, so you won’t have to.

You continue to generate your own material and use their tools (or your own familiar ones) to build a site around your own ideas. You concentrate on the information. They assist you with the technical aspects of the project.

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