Entertainment Industry Careers

7 Things To Know About Entertainment Industry Careers

What are some of the things you have to know about the entertainment industry careers? The entertainment sector is renowned for being challenging to break into. It’s crowded with really bright, competitive, and diligent people, so standing out might be difficult.

Film, television, radio, and print all fall under the umbrella of the media and entertainment sectors. Movies, TV programs, radio shows, news, music, newspapers, magazines, and books are among these categories. For the appropriate person, a job in the entertainment sector might be a fantastic fit. The work demands a great degree of creativity, energy, and ambition because it is a very demanding sector with many obligations.

The entertainment sector is renowned for being challenging to break into. It’s crowded with really bright, competitive, and diligent people, so standing out might be difficult. While yearly earnings in the entertainment industry can range from $41,500 (25th percentile) to $84,000 (75th percentile), with top earners (90th percentile) making $117,500 annually across the United States, ZipRecruiter reports annual incomes as high as $147,000 and as low as $20,500.

Here are seven suggestions for launching an entertainment career:

1. Although it will be difficult, you will like your work.

British-born director Kate Rees Davies pursued her education at the UCLA Extension program for the Directing Certificate. When she reflects on her journey into the entertainment industry, she remembers one especially difficult project that required her to direct a low-budget feature picture in only five days: To overcome that, she says, “I planned every shot and knew precisely what I wanted before I stepped foot on set.” Having a fantastic first AD was also beneficial.

But in the end, Davies loves what she does for a living. According to Davies, “I get to construct universes that may influence my audience on many different levels.” I also get to work with some wonderful, brilliant folks and experiment with the newest technologies.

Additionally, there is good news for those pursuing careers as producers and directors: over the next ten years, they can anticipate a 13% job increase in Los Angeles and a 9% job growth nationwide.

2. You must have confidence in yourself even when others don’t.

“Belief in myself, pure enthusiasm for my trade, and hard effort have brought me where I am in my business,” says Davies. She adds that “networking like wild” has been beneficial.

3. 3. Everything depends on your relationships.

The UCLA Extension program is a fantastic method to network in the business world. 92% of Entertainment certificate program alumni claim to have forged meaningful relationships with classmates or peers. Additionally, 74% of graduates with degrees in entertainment cite the importance of their ties with their teachers. **

According to Davies, “having UCLA Extension on my résumé has opened opportunities for me. Because I graduated from UCLA, I was able to secure an exclusive interview with Academy Award-winning writer Eric Roth at the Academy. Eric attended the school in the past.

4. You must develop your potential with a strong education.

Throughout his career, Jeff Broadbent has written music for movies, television shows, trailers, and video games. Broadbent credits his schooling, which included the time he spent at UCLA Extension in the Film Scoring Certificate program, and his innate love of music for part of his success as a composer.

Broadbend recalls, “At UCLA Extension, I had a number of wonderful lecturers who were helpful. “In particular, Lennie Moore, the instructor for the video game course, sparked my interest in video game score and gave me crucial compositional skills that I now use practically daily. The classes in film scoring were also highly beneficial since they taught the students how to write music for live musicians, how to properly arrange sheet music, and how the process of film scoring works in general.

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5. A business-minded attitude is necessary if you plan to work as a freelancer.

You must approach your profession with a goal-oriented, business-driven perspective if you plan to operate as a freelancer in the entertainment sector.

This is how Broadbent describes his experience as a freelancer: “First off, realize that this is a freelance company. In other words, the composer needs to advertise himself, locate new clients, hunt for employment, have the necessary tools to execute a decent job, etc. You are essentially starting your own business. I studied a lot of books about running a freelancing company, which was quite beneficial. I’ve discovered that while many aspiring artists possess musical talent, they often lack a business sense and a grasp of precisely what they must do to develop a profession. It would be helpful for a prospective film scoring student to learn about and use business procedures.

6. You’ll need to work hard.

When you have just graduated and need to create a viable freelancing business, Broadbent says it might be overwhelming. “I overcome this through knowledge, being quite clear about what my goals were, and making sure that every day, I only spent time on the things that would lead to these goals. This involves developing the skill of being extremely diligent when contacting as many potential businesses as you can to offer your writing skills, going to trade exhibitions to meet people, consistently following up with individuals you’ve met, and selling yourself to as many businesses as you can.

7. Stay ahead of the tread.

Like all other sectors, trends in the entertainment arena are also changing frequently. You have to stay ahead of every change. Learn about the changes and equip yourself with the required skills.

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